Packer Video Highlites...ones Google didn't take down yet:
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Next week....beheadings...unless they're copyrighted by Google

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                     Brandon Jackson In Jacksonville game

                     Brandon Jackson In Seattle game

                    Jackson "Highlites" from Steelers Game

"John Madden" on Brett Favre on David Letterman

2006 Packer Highlites

Great Passes of 2006

Great Interceptions of 2006

Good Running Plays 2006

Packers vs Vikings

We scoured the internet for Packer highlites from last week.  We found some.
OK... they were in a pee wee league, but they were the Packers, and they won.

Packers vs Cardinals

Packers vs Dolphins

Packers vs Dolphins 2

Packers vs Rams

Backround music has profanity...if this offends you just turn the volume off. Videos shown may be depressing. If this offends you, just turn the computer off or go to Other Junk, Kool Stuff or the Packer Bud Ad by clicking one of the buttons above. Depressed Packer Fan Counseling sessions available nationwide. Send us an e-mail for the support group nearest you.

Packers vs Eagles

Packers vs Saints

Packers vs Lions

Packers vs Bears

Packers vs Titans

Packers vs Bengals

Packers vs Falcons

Viewing TipsDouble Click the large arrow on the screen of the game you want to watch.  One click doesn't work.  Three clicks takes you to another website.  Double click.  If it runs for 10 seconds and stops, then runs another 5 seconds and stops, etc, let it do this for a minute or 2 then hit pause (square with 2 vertical lines on it). Left click and hold on the dot that is moving along the horizontal bar from left to right. Pull it left along the bar so that there is a red area to the right of it (the more red the better). Then hit play (arrow).  This starts it over and will replay what you just saw without stopping.  You might try cleaning your browser cache, internet temp files, etc., too.  If I just lost you, ask any English speaking person between the ages of 13 and 27 for assistance...or just click here:  How to clear IE cache.
Do this often. 
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